What is Cut & Sew?

Very simply it is pieces of coloured fabric cut to shape and sewn together to create your garment. Wherever two colours meet on your garment you will have a seam joining them together.

For shirts, this is also referred to as a "Panel" design which is the traditional method of creating rugby shirts. So if you are looking for a shirt with a traditional look and feel then ‘cut & sew’ is the ideal solution and we can offer some really nice designs in this style.

But some designs don't lend themselves too well to a cut & sew method and hoops are a good example of this. Lots of thin hoops will mean lots of seams which aren’t comfortable for the wearer.

Cut & Sew designs are also perfect for creating a themed look through a range of different products and enable you to build a strong club identity. For example:

  • Match shirts
  • Supporters/Leisure shirts
  • Polo's
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • K2 training top
  • Travel Jacket

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Cut and Sew