We do Netball

We do Netball
We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball We do Netball

I have been using Terminator Clothing since 2008. John and the team are very helpful, offer a Professional service and to top if off, they offer good quality kit. Their design work is contemporary, lives up to your expectations. I Highly recommend their services.
Jamie Beaney - Coach and player

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We Do Netball

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Why choose us?

Because we have over 10 years experience in making custom team kit. We know that you're busy people trying to satisfy club members' kit needs in your "spare time". We understand the pressure others put on your shoulders and how important it is to "get it right". We know that happy players make a happy team that wins games! We're not just a supplier; we're part of YOUR team.

You choose us because we answer the call and don't let you down.


Why? Do you really want to sign a contract that locks you in with one company for the next 3 years? Locks you in with their prices, their changeable product quality and untested customer service. No. And we would never ask you to either.

We prefer a more simple approach. We provide high quality custom netball team kit, we keep our prices competitive and we will support you in every way we know how. If that sort of thing isn't for you and your members, we won't make you stay.

We do like to reward loyalty though. We offer a 'Gift Kit′ scheme which provides customers with free kit when they spend beyond certain levels.

Should it be any more complicated than this?


Delivery is a very reliable 5-6 weeks, if not quicker. We know that predictable delivery is everything for our customers, which is why it's hugely important to us. We do not want to spend our time apologising for late deliveries. We speak with our factories on a daily basis about the status of our orders. This means, at any time, we can tell you how your order is progressing. We even have the facility to put orders on express production if there is an emergency.

Price, Quality & Service

It is our permanent goal to ensure you get great quality custom team netball kit at an affordable price. We understand the conflict between Price & Quality and we're confident that we've got it just right. We don′t compromise quality in the interests of greater profit. Like the deliveries, we don′t want to spend our time apologising for kit that falls apart.

However, price and quality count for nothing if they're not backed up by outstanding service. That is the real reason our customers come back to us time and again. Because they know expert advice is quickly available and if they need help someone will jump to it. This is what we do week in, week out and if you're not happy, we're not happy. So if something does go wrong from a manufacturing or delivery perspective we will put it right without argument. We understand that you need peace of mind on these issues so you will find us very supportive.

Order Quantities & Top Ups

No minimum order quantities. We understand you don't want unnecessary amounts of stock. This also helps with top ups to replace lost or damaged kit. Discounts are available on higher volumes so do please ask if you need to place a bulk order.