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When we say Pro-Fit we really do mean Pro-fit. This rugby shirt is designed to be worn with a close or skin tight fit. To give you a comfortable tight fit we have taken the fabric weight down to 260gsm rather than the regular 300gsm we use. If the fabric weight was any higher it would restrict your movement so 260gsm with a 4 way stretch is perfect for a Pro-Fit rugby shirt.

So a close fit, coupled with a low profile collar gives you a shirt with very little for the opposition to grab hold of. We really do recommend that you have low profile collar with this shirt and we have a selection available for you to choose from Collar Options. Our preferred choices are the expert, crew neck or notch crew neck.

You will also find these a little shorter than a regular rugby shirt giving you a nicely proportioned garment that will look and feel good when you wear it.

All the seams use flat lock stitching which are essential on any stretchy garment that comes under strain from different directions. The lower profile of the flat seams also means there is less chance that the opposition′s fingers will catch on them and give them something to grasp.

And, as you will see from the photographs these are sublimated rugby shirts. So our current price of £30 (£36 with VAT added for adult sizes) includes all your sponsor logos, numbers and your badge. There are no hidden charges for extras, it is an all in price.

If you want a nice lightweight short to go with these shirts we recommend the Freedom Short.

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