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This is the unsung hero of rugby shirts. For those of you too young to remember this type of shirt they are made by stitching together panels of different coloured fabric. So the design is created from the panelling rather than the printing as in sublimated rugby shirts.

At the current price of £21 (£25.20 with VAT added for adult sizes) it makes the perfect shirt for M&J teams or senior teams that want a traditional looking shirt or even a leisure shirt. This is what Redditch Juniors say about this shirt:

"Our Terminator rugby shirts always seem to be indestructible and the kids grow out of them rather than wear them out! I've known them serve several seasons being passed down to younger brothers. Also, I think there's a lot to be said for keeping in with a reliable supplier.”

Our price includes your embroidered club badge but numbers and sponsors logos have to be over printed so these are £2 extra each. So if you find yourself wanting to add numbers and just one sponsor logo you really should move to a sublimated rugby shirt.

It is a beautifully finished rugby shirt which is made from our superior quality, match weight 300gsm, Ventex polyester. You will see from the photos that the surface is slightly pitted which is known as bird eyelet in the trade. This allows the fabric to breathe more and gives you a really comfortable rugby shirt.

We offer two fits in this shirt:

Fitted (Semifit) – This is our most popular fit. These are tapered in the waist and are a close fit around the shoulders and arms. So they can give you a nice snug fit without going skin tight. It is the ideal fit for most teams as individuals can simply pick a size that gives them the closeness of fit they prefer.

Regular Fit (Traditional) – If you are looking for a comfortable relaxed fit these are the shirts for you. They come straight down from the armpits to the waist (box shape) and are a relaxed fit throughout.

Sizes accommodate small children right up to 7XL adult so these are the perfect rugby shirt for all teams in the club.

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