Team Kit

Look like a team and feel like a team. With our rugby teamwear we have all the essential items to unify your club, promote yourselves in the local area and intimidate the opposition. Superb quality items all made to order, in your colours and chosen design.



Not everyone uses their t-shirt for the same activity. That's why we offer a range of fabrics when you decide to get some made for your team. Whether it is performance, leisure or a mixture of both, we have something for you.

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Whatever occasion you wear your tracksuit for there will be no doubt what club you are part of when people see you. There is nothing that screams Professional & Organised more than when a team steps of the bus all wearing their club...

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Travel jacket


If you want to build and maintain your team identity off the pitch this is a perfect garment. With the ability to integrate 3 colours we can guarantee to create your own bespoke garment matched to your club colours.

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Gone are the days of having thin socks with no comfort and loose all elasticity half way through a season. With new manufacturing technologies socks are now the bee's knee's!

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Like shirts, there are now a wide variety of fabrics and weights to choose from when buying shorts for your team. Whatever you need, we can supply a short that ticks all the boxes.

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Coach Jacket


We call it a Coach Jacket but this is a great Supporters Jacket too. This luxurious jacket features a quilted lining with a fleece lined back for extra protection from the elements; a stow away hood built into the collar and pockets gal...

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Rain Jacket


It's lightweight and it's waterproof. The perfect outer shell to slip on if conditions suddenly change and you're in a spot of bother. It is ideal for those stamina building runs on wet winter nights too. A choice of colour...

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Polo Shirt


Ever since Rene Lacoste first donned one when he played in the U.S. Open Polo shirts as we know them today have maintained their stronghold in menswear. Polo shirts give men convenience, style and functionality, regardless if it′s in...

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Leisure Shirt


Fancy something different to Polo Shirts? Look no further! Cotton rugby shirts that give you that traditional, elegant look and feel. White collars, rubber buttons, your club colours and your club badge makes for an outstanding piece...

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Playing strip aside, these are the most essential pieces of kit your players will have. If they don't have them, you need to offer them! Staying dry and warm during training is very important for players, especially for the youth

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Love them or loath them, there is no denying that Hooded tops are a popular garment for sports people around the world. They are warm and comfortable to wear and popping the hood up allows you to block out the surrounding atmosphere and...

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